Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence comes up from June 5th to 12th .It is a time members and friends of International Action Network on Small Arms campaign against the proliferation of small arms and Light Weapons .

Sierra Leone being a post war country has suffered immensely from the use of small arms .Even though the war has been long declared over, the physical scars still remain with us.

At the moment we face situations of violence Amongst young people and we use this time to say NO to the use of guns.

SLANSA recognizes the efforts made by the Sierra Leone Small Arms Commission in ensuring that all arms must be registered, and as such we now encourage blacksmiths alternatives to producing illicit firearms as well as sensitize those who wish to continue to produce firearms to register them with SLENSA.

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Global Week of Action Against Gun ViolenceDisarming Domestic Violence Campaign

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

Disarming Domestic Violence Campaign

Opinion piece

In May the world learned of a tragic incident which has become all too common in our newspapers and on our televisions. Angered by a bitter divorce and upset at the sale of their house, a 61 year old man shot dead his estranged wife and step-daughter before turning the gun on himself. What made this story surprising to many people was not the scenario itself, but rather where it took place.

Few would have immediately guessed that this shooting was the latest in a history of gun violence unfolding in Norway, where more than 80 women have been killed by their partner or their ex-partner since 2000. Roughly one third of these were murdered with a gun. Around the world, it is easier to be banned from driving than to be banned from possessing a firearm. For many women, this significantly heightens their risk of violent death and injury. This danger affects rich countries as well as those emerging from conflict or suffering from extreme poverty. Norway has approximately 1.3 million legally held firearms, spread across approximately 500,000 licenses – overwhelmingly in the hands of men.

This case in Norway reminds us that no community is immune from the problem of domestic abuse, and the power of a gun to make it lethal. In France and South Africa, one in three women killed by their husbands is shot; in the USA this rises to two in three. Domestic shootings usually involve legal firearms, and women’s risk of being killed by an intimate partner triples when a gun is in the home. Contrary to popular belief, a gun in the home is much more likely to be used to intimidate or physically injure family members than be used against an outside intruder.
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