Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms

Older Activities

Activities for 2012

  • Sensitization workshop on SALW and Gender Based Violence
  • Dialogue with specialized Committees of Parliament
  • Consultation with Traditional leaders in Kenema, Kono, Pujehun, Bo and Kambia Districts
  • Production of materials for advocacy and use at BMS and other international meetings
  • Specialized Radio/TV panel discussions
  • Small Arms/security dialogue – Open Forums involving security personnel and civil society
  • Awareness raising on the ECOWAS Convention and Arms Trade Treaty – Week of Action/Convention Day
  • Monitor Newspapers, Magazines and Websites
  • Baseline Survey on Armed violence.
  • Campaign and observation of non violent Election.
  • Youth In Governance/elections
  • Trainings on voter education
  • Engage with Traditional Leaders and security Agencies on non violent elections.


Activities of 2011

  • School Debate on Human Rights, Human Security and development in twenty-nine schools of six Districts – Kenema and kono in the East; Bo and Pujehun in the South; Makeni in the North and Freetown Urban in the West.
  • Regional Consultations with Traditional Leaders, Elders and security Agencies.
  • Popularizing the ECOWAS Convention through Awareness Raising
  • Awareness Raising on the status of the ATT.
  • Disarmiing Domestic Violence Campaign
  • Global Week of Action against gun violence
  • Supporting the Cluster Munition Campaign.
  • Promoting governance and human security in Border Communities within the MRU.
  • Collaboration with Office of National Security (ONS), National Commission on Small Arms control


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